Landsea Holdings Corporation
800 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken, NJ 07086
11 Stories, 439,200 SF
Building Use:
Residential + Retail

The Avora, or 800 Avenue at Port Imperial, is located on the Weehawken waterfront, with extensive views of Manhattan across the Hudson River. The building is comprised of the eleven story North Tower, distinguished by its dramatic asymmetric projecting slab edges, and the ten story South Tower, characterized its floors stepping down towards the water’s edge in a series of terraces.  The raised Courtyard separates the two, complete with swimming pool and an amenity terrace.  The building’s façade is one where continuous bands of window wall predominate, framed top and bottom between expressed slab edges, with white metal panels featured primarily on the South Tower.  The building was designed by IBI Group, with Landsea Holdings Corporation as the developer.

CANY has long acted as the Building Envelope Consultant on an ongoing stream of new construction projects in Port Imperial, where the breadth and quality of the services that we offer has lead to deep and longstanding relationships with its developers and contractors.  This work has continued since the Avora was completed, with two new projects currently under way.

Our services started with reviews of the building envelope details with the Architect over a series of design meetings, which were followed by a more formal review of the drawings and specifications, where complicated detailing issues such as cold-bridging at the slab edges were discussed and addressed.  Once the project entered the construction phase, CANY participated in the bid review process, reviewing submittals and shop drawings, and performing regular quality control inspections of the work as the various building assemblies were installed.

Avora Landsea Holdings Corporation
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