CANY is a collaboration of architects, engineers, historic preservationists, architectural conservators, and experienced technical consultants.
As a collaboration of highly experienced architects, engineers and technicians in both new and historic buildings, CANY understand the complexities of New York buildings. Whether that’s maintaining an historic landmark, revitalizing an existing building or constructing something new, our people are expert in ensuring the project is an asset to our city and our climate. 

New York can be tough for buildings. Extreme weather, strict safety requirements and a vibrant population with hugely diverse needs. At CANY, we work with building owners, their architects and contractors to help them create exteriors for their structures that meet these demands. Our focus is entirely on the external elements from sidewalks to oofs, windows to walls.

An architects’ vision can be captivating, but aligning it with budget constraints and owner obligations for regulatory compliancy can be a challenge. We understand that tension and use our expertise to help deliver projects that honor the aesthetics but comply with regulations within a budget that works for everyone.  Our services and experience have made us trusted partners to cover every aspect of building facades. From restoring the iconic mast of the Empire State Building to coordinating safety compliance and repairs across the 33 buildings of the Montefiore Medical Center, to the viability of buildings hoping to be released from the architect’s sketchbook. Because our expertise encompasses building disciplines across the whole spectrum of restoration, renewal and new design of façades, we can offer services to help clients wherever they are on their journey. We want to enable people to the create buildings that are environmentally sustainable, interact harmoniously with the elements and provide safe living and working spaces for New Yorkers – whether they are occupants, neighbors or simply walking past.
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