Wind Load Analysis

Wind Load Analysis

How do you measure the wind? With a great many calculations, several pages, in fact. Thankfully, our engineers at CANY offer a Wind Load Analysis Service that help clients comply with New York’s strict building code demands, no matter where the building is located, how it’s positioned, built or what its purpose is.

Wind load analysis is the evaluation of the dynamic effect of wind on a structure. Everything from changing windows to designing a new façade starts from understanding what the wind load is, what effect it has on the structure, and how to mitigate against it.

CANY’s Wind Load Analysis Service works through the calculations, accommodates all the subtle nuances, and provides a solid base line from which the design can begin. For example, a building in Coney Island attracts a higher wind load than, say, a building in the middle of the Bronx. Likewise, a solid structure as opposed to an open structure will be subject to different wind forces, and a hospital building really needs to remain standing no matter what hurricane forces are hurled at it. A single building will be subject to different zones, with higher loads on the roof, corners and protrusions than the middle. Roofs and façades can expand from the inside, creating a suction effect.  All of which, and a great many variations besides, are accounted for in the calculations in the code that must be navigated and adhered.


CANY’s Wind Load Analysis Service does the heavy lifting to calculate the numbers to comply with the strict building codes, but also put everyone involved on the right track to create the best possible design for the best possible outcome.

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