Restoration is defined as returning something to its original condition and at CANY, when it comes to New York City’s buildings, that’s something we’re renowned for.

Everyone loves New York’s historic buildings, and most people love how they assert their position in a city that prides itself on its progression. But the pace of modern life is tough on our heritage and many of the exteriors need to be restored and adapted if they are to endure for future generations.

CANY have made restoration of New York’s building enclosures and facades central to their business for almost three decades. We’re known for our work helping building owners navigate New York’s Façade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP) and how we harmonize that with the responsibilities and aspirations of owning and maintaining a heritage building.  

There is always tension between what the building needs to be restored, what the owner wants and has a budget for, what the Department of Buildings ordain, and whether the building is designated as within the Landmark Preservation Commission inventory. At CANY, it’s our job to sort through the layers and find a route through that satisfies all parties’ interests, including those of the building itself.  

When it comes to conservation and preservation, the stakes are higher and the work more involved, as detailed in our corresponding services. However, the focus for restoration is to repair a building in such a way that it looks as if we were never there, blending modern technology and materials with historical fabric in a way that allows both to successfully co-exist and strengthen the building. Whereas it’s important to understand the existing materials, their provenance and performance, restoration does not always mean preserving or conserving them, but creating an environment where the building is sustained without losing integrity.  

Blending innovation, science, technology, and in-depth historical knowledge with architectural and engineering experience, CANY can help you make informed choices about the best way to restore your building within a timetable and budget that suits you and complies with building codes, local laws, and landmark guidelines.  We take pride in the work we do to restore our city’s buildings, whether heritage, quirky, or just distinctive and loved because we understand that buildings age, and at CANY we help them to age gracefully.

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