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CANY's Progress Monitoring services are vital for overseeing and guiding architectural projects, ensuring they align with New York’s rich architectural heritage. Our team excels in providing detailed oversight, from initial design through completion, guaranteeing that every phase adheres to the highest standards of quality and integrity.

In each project, we employ comprehensive strategies to monitor progress, ensuring the architectural work respects both the historical context and modern-day requirements. Our services are crucial for the successful restoration and preservation of New York's historic buildings, combining expertise with a commitment to safeguarding the city's architectural legacy.

Choosing CANY for Progress Monitoring means entrusting your project to a team dedicated to upholding and enhancing the architectural character of New York, ensuring that each building contributes to the city's storied skyline.

For information relating to this or any of CANY’s services, or for a free consultation regarding your own building portfolio, please reach out via the Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can call our Manhattan office Monday-Friday during regular office hours at (212) 414 - 9623.

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