Parking Garage Inspections

In recent years, New York State has made changes to the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) relating to Parking Garages. This update now requires parking garage owners and managers to provide Operating Permits in conjunction with a periodic Condition Assessment every three years.  The required assessment must be directed by a qualified professional engineer and includes an on-site inspection and submission of a report citing any evidence of deterioration, unsafe conditions or structural instability. Let CANY help you make sure you’re meeting the proper parking garage code requirements.

The first round of inspection deadlines – for buildings constructed prior to Jan 1st, 1984 and those from 1984-December 31st,2002 – have now passed. The final group to require their first mandated inspection concerns buildings constructed after January 1st, 2003. This inspection must be completed before October 1st, 2021. We strongly recommend performing these assessments of parking garage design standards well in advance of the coming deadlines as this may facilitate mitigation of any unsafe conditions (if applicable) in advance of submitting a report.

At the moment, New York City parking garage owners and managers do not have to comply to these New York State compulsory inspections, but our team expects similar parking garage code requirements will follow for NYC sooner rather than later.

CANY's extensive experience in performing building assessments for the NYC Façade Inspection & Safety Program(formerly Local Law 11/98), aids our understanding for developing stabilization and repair protocols for parking garage design standards that minimize disruption and avoid any unnecessary interference with parking activity. We have a strong history of providing informed inspection and working with owners to develop pragmatic plans for remediation if necessary.

Our highly skilled team is positioned to perform the required inspection for parking garage code requirements and prepare a Property Condition Assessment Report which will include:

·         Identification of any patterns of deterioration and probable causes,

·         Documentation of any unsafe conditions or issues of structural instability,

·         Options and associated timelines for remediation, including any emergency removal or securement,

·         Estimated cost for repair and maintenance if required,

·         Recommendations regarding preventative maintenance,

·         Risk assessment of areas considered safe but in need of repair and maintenance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (212) 414 - 9623.

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