New Acquisition + Existing Portfolio Assessment

Acquiring a new building in New York is an enormous investment for potential owners. With so many factors to consider, the effectiveness of the building’s enclosure, from its foundations to the roof, windows and exterior walls, is perhaps the most significant.  

How will it perform over the next ten years? How resilient is the existing cladding system and how is it impacting on maintenance costs of the building? What can be done to minimise exposure to rising energy costs? Where is it in the FISP cycle and what work is needed to comply with existing and future safety requirements?  

CANY has over twenty-five years of experience of working on all aspects of building enclosures, so clients know they can rely on us help them assess the viability of a potential project. We can very quickly determine and estimate costs to rectify current issues and anticipated costs for hidden issues likely to emerge in the future.  

We can also look at clients’ existing building portfolios, helping them to plan and budget, or to equip them in ongoing negotiations.

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