Building Façade Mock-up Testing

To confirm proper design and performance levels, CANY observes building mock up and performance testing in New York City and field-testing including onsite spray rack and chamber testing. Our experienced senior staff actively contribute to any required defect resolution and redesign process, working with the fabrication and erection team to achieve a constructible enclosure assembly meeting or exceeding performance requirements. CANY special inspectors and field progress monitoring personnel diligently inspect, document and report deviations and progress to the project design professional(s) and Owner to ensure successful installation and sign-off.

CANY’s building façade mock-up testing reviews test data and observes and actively participates in a wide variety of curtain wall and façade mock-up testing performed by qualified testing agencies pursuant to the ASTM,AAMA, CWCT and EN requirements. Typical building enclosure testing protocols addressing pertinent aspects of static and dynamic air and water infiltration /penetration, wind loading, and impact include but are not limited to:

  • Air: ASTM E283, ASTM E2178, E2357, ASTM E1186, ASTM E1424, EN 12153     & CWCT Section 5 – Air Permeability,
  • Water: ASTM E331, ASTM E547, AAMA 508, 509, AAMA 501.1:1994 & CWCT Section 7 – dynamic water penetration, lab & field, AMCA 550, EN 13051 & CWCT Section 10 – Spray-rack Testing, EN 12155 & CWCT Section 6 – Watertightness Under Static Load
  • Structural: ASTM E330, AAMA 1605.1, 1606, EN 12179 & CWCT Section 11/12 – Resistance to Wind Loading, CWCT Section 17 – Structural Movement, EN 13830 – Curtain Wall Testing
  • Thermal: AAMA 1503, 1506, AAMA 501.5
  • Interstory Drift: AAMA 501.4, 501.6, 501.7, AAMA 501.4

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