Local Law 97: Energy Audit & Enclosure Analysis

What is Local Law 97?

LL97 is NYC’s ambitious new mandate aimed at drastically cutting building carbon emissions, starting with a 40 percent reduction goal by2030 and an 80 percent reduction goal by 2050. Passed in May 2019 and set by the Climate Mobilization Act, Local Law 97 applies to all buildings — whether residential, commercial, or otherwise — that exceed 25,000 square feet in size, with the first target deadline occurring in 2024.

In order to meet this first deadline, and to subsequently maintain strict and ongoing Local Law 97 compliance for emission limits, action needs to be taken immediately and strategies must be put into place to kick-start emission reductions. Request a consultation today!

CANY’s Local Law 97 NYC Approach

CANY leads a multi-discipline LL97 Team comprising of architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, testing agencies, and general contractors and construction managers. Together we offer an end-to-end service from investigation through to Local Law 97 compliance.  

Step 1: Building Analysis & Investigation

CANY will fully investigate the condition and performance of an existing buildings’ enclosure system(s) and mechanical systems to determine current performance levels, annual maintenance costs (FISP Cycle 9 included) and projected life cycle. The following specific Local Law 97 compliance analysis will be included:

  • Comprehensive building enclosure survey including probe investigation.
  • Testing of the building enclosure systems for structural integrity and performance for air / water infiltration resistance.
  • Thermal modeling of existing facades.
  • Investigation and analysis of existing building mechanical systems and their performance relative to Local Law 97 NYC.

Step 2: Feasibility Report

Upon completion of the building enclosure and MEP systems investigation, CANY will provide the Owner with a Feasibility Report that will provide a full assessment of the condition of the existing building enclosure and MEP systems. The report will include estimated repair / maintenance costs to render facades safe and restore operating systems to fully functional condition and provide scope and cost estimates for MEP remediation / upgrades, façade renovations / recladding as appropriate.

Step 3: Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades

CANY will facilitate all necessary repairs, upgrades and maintenance to the building enclosure and MEP system as appropriate to comply with Local Law 97.

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