Landmark + Historic Preservation

CANY’s historic preservation team has over 25 years’ experience helping clients preserve and restore historically and architecturally significant buildings, including countless designated individual landmarks in New York and beyond. Our in-house preservationists and engineers work closely with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to achieve the client’s vision and ensure regulatory compliance. Preserving these buildings is at the core of what we do at CANY, and for many of our staff, it’s the reason they became architects, engineers or consultants in the first place.

The Benefits of Landmark & Historic Building Preservation

Historic preservation is the process by which a team of architects, engineers and preservationists extend the life span and long-term usability of a historic structure. These buildings carry a lot of significance with them and are often ingrained into the identity of their city or neighborhood. To extend their lifespan allows another generation to experience this history. In a city like New York, where there’s ageing building stock, there’s also a public safety component to these projects. CANY balances the client’s need to make the structure safe, with the need to maintain its aesthetic identity. All using the most cost-effective and least intrusive methods available.

What We Offer

At CANY, our approach involves thoroughly reviewing the condition of a historic building and determining a tailored course of action that meets all party’s requirements. On historic projects, our scope encompasses the entire building envelope, with services including but not limited to:

●        Facade inspection (including the use of Industrial Rope Access)

●        Architectural Conservation and material testing

●        façade, roof, cornice, and window restoration

●        Grotesque and griffin repair and replacement

●        Building redevelopment

●        Construction contract administration

●        Project management and phasing

●        Regulatory filing and facilitation including FISP (Local Law 11) and Local Law 97

We detail comprehensive reports with repair recommendations as well as multi-year prioritized cost estimates for larger buildings and can provide consulting services for the modification of a building’s use. In addition, we can develop complete construction documents and specifications for required projects such as roof replacements, and coordinate the building's re-use plan.

Why Choose CANY for Historic & Landmark Preservation?

CANY offers an end-to end service on historic preservation projects with a passionate staff of in-house preservationists, architects, engineers and technical consultants. . Our team has restored some of the world’s most famous buildings from the Empire State Building to the Guggenheim Museum. Our goal is to help you manage your buildings in a way that is sustainable, efficient, and safe for years to come.

Beyond historic & landmark preservation and our wider Existing Buildings work, CANY provides a range of New Construction services from mockup testing to special inspections, and Energy Services including Local Law 97 assessments and building performance upgrades. Contact us today to talk about historic preservation or your building portfolio.  

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