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CANY's Curtain Wall engineering in New York are dedicated to the meticulous restoration and preservation of New York's iconic buildings. Our approach is deeply rooted in respecting the city's architectural history while integrating modern advancements. As project architect engineers, we specialize in assessing, restoring, and enhancing curtain walls, ensuring they not only meet today's standards but also retain their historic essence.

Our team of project architect engineers is adept at balancing aesthetic preservation with functional upgrades, ensuring each building remains a testament to New York's evolving skyline. By choosing CANY, you partner with a team that honors the past while embracing the future, safeguarding these structures for generations to come.

Working alongside the Project Architect, Project Structural Engineer, and the Fabricator’s Engineering and Design Team, CANY provides essential assistance in merging the Owner’s Project Requirements and the Architect’s vision with the requirements of constructability and performance.

Our team specializes in reaching the ideal synergy of aesthetics, constructability, and affordability fpr curtain wall engineering in New York. Drawing from a wide array of successful projects, we focus on proper interface and effective integration of diverse façade systems, working to ensure high performance and watertight conditions between as well as within specified assemblies.

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