COM-Check Analysis

COM-Check is one of the most common and efficient tools used to demonstrate that commercial or multifamily residential buildings, whether new buildings, or additions and alterations to existing buildings, meet the current energy code.  

Why Meeting These Standards Is Important

Compliance with the NYC Energy Code is a requirement of the filing process: ever more stringent requirements have come about due to the increasing awareness of the role energy use plays in buildings’ future running costs, and in the negative impact energy generation has had on climate change. Increases in energy efficiency performance are essential to modern property businesses as a way of reducing their property’s’ business carbon footprint, and this starts with the construction and alteration of their buildings. According to the Department of Energy, HVAC makes up 35% of building energy consumption, and commercial buildings alone account for 18% of the total primary energy in the United States. The implementation of measures to increase energy -efficiency and reduce energy consumption enables Building Owners to save on their operational costs, while shrinking the environmental impact of their buildings and collectively creating cleaner cities for the future.

How to Ensure That Your Building complies

COM-Check is a software tool which is used to assemble the energy efficiency performance of the individual components of the building envelope and generates whether the building’s overall energy performance is in compliance with, or better than, current energy code requirements.  When properly used, COM-Check is more than a useful means to demonstrate energy code compliance and becomes an invaluable design tool to help inform and select the materials and assemblies to be used on the façade of the building.

CANY specializes in energy performance analysis and can help Architects’ buildings remain in compliance with current energy code during the Design Phases of the project.  We do this by assessing the R values of proposed wall and roof types, developing supporting documentation, assembling the air barrier continuity plans or testing procedures, and working with NYC DOB plan examiners to respond to inquiries or objections that pertain to the building.

Why Choose CANY for Energy Efficiency Contracting?

CANY offers a flexible and reliable COM-Check process to review Energy Code compliance for your building. Our employees come from various professional backgrounds and can offer unique insight into complex issues and requirements., CANY also offers additional building services such as design and constructability reviews, architectural conservation, industrial rope access (IRA), FISP inspections and compliance, quality control inspections and Special Inspections, and more. We're smart about buildings. Contact us today to discuss our expertise with the preparation of COM-Check energy efficiency contracting and other services that we offer and let CANY assist you with the design and construction of your building.

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