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At CANY, we blend the art of architectural design with the ethos of heritage preservation. Our design philosophy is anchored in respecting the rich tapestry of New York's architectural history while innovating for the future. Our services encompass a thoughtful approach to designing structures that harmonize with the city's historical context.

In every project, our team of skilled architects and engineers strives to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and functional. We specialize in integrating modern elements into traditional settings, ensuring that new developments pay homage to New York's architectural legacy.

Our architectural design services are more than just creating buildings; they are about contributing to the city's ongoing story. By choosing CANY, you entrust your project to a team passionate about designing spaces that are meaningful, safe, and enduring. For information relating to this or any of CANY’s services, or for a free consultation regarding your own building portfolio, please reach out via the Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can call our Manhattan office Monday-Friday during regular office hours at (212) 414 - 9623.

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