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In the heart of New York, where history and modernity intertwine, the preservation of architectural heritage is not just a task—it's a responsibility. CANY, with over a quarter-century of expertise, stands at the forefront of this mission, offering unparalleled architectural conservation services. Architectural conservation is more than maintaining buildings; it's about preserving stories, cultures, and the very essence of New York's rich history. These structures, having witnessed the city's transformation, are integral to its identity. At CANY, we understand that each building narrates a unique tale, deserving meticulous care to continue its legacy for future generations.

Architectural conservation involves the testing of key building materials like brick, mortar, paint, and more to identify, diagnose, and resolve problems and increase the valuable lifespan of a building. Aging building stock, like that of New York City are susceptible to failure without proper planning and maintenance. Particularly important are the historic and Landmark designated structures that contribute to a city’s identity. By utilizing architectural conservation and consulting services, building owners, developers, operators, and property managers alike are able to work with CANY to identify and mitigate risk and create a realistic plan towards restoration and continued maintenance. Contact us today to develop a roadmap for your building.

The Benefits of Architectural Conservation

Without architectural conservation, we would eventually lose many of the buildings that have become icons in our built environment. Through a combination of significant weather events including natural disasters, storms, as well as general wear and tear, buildings must withstand the constant pounding to remain safe. When a building is under stress, architectural conservation can alert us early by diving deep into the individual materials to determine issues before they progress so that steps can be taken to prevent structural failure.

The impact that this has on the lifespan of a building is immense and can make the difference between full building condemnation and regular performance, resale, tenancy, etc. CANY offers both laboratory and on-site testing, as well as survey (visual to hands-on inspections) of exterior building elements and materials. Survey, together with materials testing allows CANY to develop repair recommendations and develop specifications that will be accepted by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and the State Historic Preservation Office.

As a building enclosure consulting firm specializing in architectural conservation, CANY has several professionally trained architectural conservators on staff whose immense combined experience allows us to develop a holistic approach to buildings and ultimately, execute the client’s vision. CANY provides the full spectrum of architectural and engineering consulting services and do so in compliance with local building regulations, code requirements, and best practices. Our goal is to preserve your building’s history for as long as possible and help to guide you towards making decisions and a plan that will yield positive results in the long term. We work directly with building owners, developers, property managers, architects, engineers, and contractors to develop plans to restore aging buildings and enhance their structural integrity and preserve their historic authenticity.

Full List of Conservation Services

  • Conditions Assessment Surveys
  • Diagnosis of material deterioration processes
  • Materials Conservation: Brick, Stone, Concrete, terra cotta, Wood, Metal
  • Materials Analysis — Laboratory and on–site
  • RILEM 11.4 Surface Water Absorption (Karsten Tube)
  • Paint and Finishes Analysis — Color Matching & Microchemical Testing
  • Investigative Probe Work and Coring
  • Mortar Sampling, Analysis & Replication Mortar Mix Development
  • Coatings Testing and Analysis
  • Design, Execution & Assessment of Cleaning Tests
  • Historic Structures Reports
  • Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Specification Writing for Conservation Treatments
  • Cemetery Preservation Plan Development & Execution of Conservation Treatments

Your Trusted Architectural + Engineering Consulting Firm

At CANY, we provide architectural conservation and consulting services to help you preserve your buildings, as well as a full suite of additional architectural and engineering services to help you plan, inspect, manage, maintain, and thrive. With a shared goal, we can increase the longevity of your buildings and provide architectural conservation services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. CANY has been your trusted building enclosure consulting firm for over 25 years, during which time we’ve provided architectural conservation and consulting services to some of the world’s most famous buildings. Recent award winning CANY projects include The Empire State Building as well as Lucy G Moses winners The O’Toole Building and Randolph Houses. Contact us today to talk about our building services and let CANY provide the partnership you need for your building. Our dedication to preserving New York's architectural heritage is unwavering, and we invite you to join us in this noble endeavor. Contact us to discuss how we can assist in extending the life and story of your historic building, ensuring it remains a cherished landmark for years to come.

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