The Eagle Warehouse project (43-22 Queens Street) comprises the restoration of the circa 1918 Eagle Electric warehouse building and the construction of a new 57-story tower out of its original core.  The existing original concrete structure was restored and new energy efficient replacement windows installed in conjunction with the redevelopment of the site.  A green roof featuring roof top gardens will be installed over the original roof structure for tenant use.  The new tower will be clad in high performance window wall featuring structurally glazed glass and decorative architectural metal fins.  CANY project scope included design consultation for both the restoration of the existing warehouse structure and for the curtain wall of the new 57-story tower.  CANY scope also includes onsite quality assurance inspections of the restoration and Special Inspections for the high-rise curtain wall.


Size:                 Approx. 225,000 sf

Completion:      Projected 2017