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What is Conservation

Architectural conservation is the process by which individual building materials (eg, brick, mortar, paint etc.) and their properties are tested, and problems diagnosed in an effort to prolong a buildings lifespan.

Conservation Services:

CANY provides a range of conservation services including but not limited to:

  • Materials sampling (we send almost all materials gathered out to be tested at a 3rd party lab)

  • Paint sampling via IRA

  • Identification of weathering properties

  • Metals identification and conditions analysis

  • Wood identification and conditions analysis

  • Salt identification- Quantitative testing

  • Cleaning tests

  • Forensic Investigations & Analysis

  • Non-Destructive Testing: Infrared thermography, moisture metering, RILEM (surface absorption)

  • Interpretation of laboratory test reports

CANY’s Conservation Team

  • Erin Fisher, PE

  • Charlie Kramer, A.I.A LEED AP

  • Vincent Ortiz, PE

  • Xsusha Flandro, FAIC APT,RP

  • David Flory

  • Reba Ashby

  • Alafia Akhtar

  • Elyse Marks

  • Julie Foster

  • Claudia Vesga

  • Ivan Zurkiwskyj

Featured Conservation Projects

  • 670 Broadway

  • Maddison Belmont Building (183 Maddison)


• 2 x Lucy G. Moses Awards