CANY, an organization specializing in building envelope systems, was created in 1996 by Ed Meirowitz and soon thereafter became a partnership between Ed Meirowitz and Jarrett Huddleston. The firm was initially located in New Jersey and later relocated to NYC. As the number of clients and the staff increased over the years, CANY relocated several times to progressively larger offices, allowing us to continue to grow.

CANY provides investigation, and inspection services to Architects, Building and Property Owners, Property Managers, Contractors, Manufacturers and other Consulting firms for total building enclosure systems.  Our areas of focus comprise new construction, recladding of existing structures and repair / renovation / historic restoration. Specific building components and assemblies addressed by CANY encompass roofing systems, façade systems (glass and metal curtainwalls, windows, unit masonry, precast concrete panels, GFRC, FRP, CIP concrete, metal panels, rain-screen assemblies, etc.) foundation waterproofing, sidewalk reconstruction, vault repair, and general waterproofing details for the building envelope.

We Specialize In Growing And Keeping Clients For The Long Term By:

  • Understanding our clients’ businesses and their specific needs
  • Establishing close ties to our clients and their representatives
  • Maintaining proactive communication with our clients
  • Anticipating and quickly responding to client needs
  • Offering innovative solutions to help our clients be successful
  • Providing quality service and good value for money spent
  • Maintaining a committed, qualified, hardworking staff who share the firm’s vision to service our clients
  • Being professional and ethical in all that we do

Understanding that serving our clients is the fundamental reason for our firm’s existence is the foundation of CANY’s success. With this in mind, our mission is to be trusted advisors to our clients, assisting them in realizing their own professional and creative goals.

That does not mean that CANY “follows”. On the contrary, CANY strives to guide our clients with our expertise and experience. Often, our clients must face difficult decisions and must be properly and realistically informed in order to do so.  At CANY, we endeavor to provide the most specific and useful information possible and to utilize creative thinking and a thorough knowledge of contemporary developments in the construction field to expand the options and opportunities available to those we serve.